Richard Branson

Virgin update: sour grapes (and coconuts)

Branson Coconut

Oh dear. This weekend we ran a story about how Virgin had been 'freeped' - they'd posted a poll online to gather support for the third runway, only for 94% of people to vote against expansion.

Virgin promised that they would show the poll to the DfT, but news has reached us today that the poll has disapeared - although links to it still exist on their website. Yesterday afternoon it stood at 96% opposed - with over 700 votes against the third runway. Surely El Branson can't have pulled the plug just because people didn't agree with him? Maybe he's sulking, after everyone dismissed his fancy biofuel project as greenwash?

In-flight activism with Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson

Did you smile today? Try to watch less TV? Sieze the moment? Then congratulations - you're a Virgin Atlantic in-flight activist. Welcome to the world of We Are What We Do.

This is the latest nonsense from weirdie beardie Richard Branson who's trying to persuade Virgin frequent fliers that if they "Join something" then they're halfway to saving the world. Virgin Atlantic has produced an in-flight magazine, with a list of 100 actions which will save the world. Most of them are pathetically inadequate ("Use a biro from start to finish"; "Show empathy"), but that's not the point: "Our big shtick at We Are What We do is that small actions that x lots of people = big change. We don't all have to do everything. But most of us doing something will change the world."

Greenwash my jets, Branson tells students

Richard Branson, part-time eco-warrior, part-time carbon criminal, spent today opening a new university and asking students to help him 'think green'. Branson wants students to pitch into his efforts to reduce the emissions from his growing fleet of trans-Atlantic aircraft.

"Among ideas the entrepreneur is inviting undergraduates to consider are lightweight seat to improve fuel efficiency, Virgin Atlantic uniforms made from recycled materials and energy efficient facilities at airport terminals."

Our spy-in-the-sky reports that Mr. Branson's suggestions met with hushed giggles from the students, who pointed out that grounding Virgin aircraft and stopping plans for space tourism might do more for reducing emissions than dressing trolley dolleys in costumes made from old duty-free bottles.