In-flight activism with Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson

Did you smile today? Try to watch less TV? Sieze the moment? Then congratulations - you're a Virgin Atlantic in-flight activist. Welcome to the world of We Are What We Do.

This is the latest nonsense from weirdie beardie Richard Branson who's trying to persuade Virgin frequent fliers that if they "Join something" then they're halfway to saving the world. Virgin Atlantic has produced an in-flight magazine, with a list of 100 actions which will save the world. Most of them are pathetically inadequate ("Use a biro from start to finish"; "Show empathy"), but that's not the point: "Our big shtick at We Are What We do is that small actions that x lots of people = big change. We don't all have to do everything. But most of us doing something will change the world."

It's true - the world is being changed. Of course, a great deal of that change is coming from rich men who own airlines and want to send us all into space. Step forward Mr. Branson, I'm talking about you. I do hope that Dickie takes note of action 100: "Fail", and applies it liberally to all his efforts to splash greenwash everywhere.

On a more serious note, I'm concerned that Virgin Atlantic pilots might take action 92 ("Bring your kids into work for the day") to heart. Last time a pilot tried that, it didn't end well. Feel free to send other recomendations to Sara: I'm sure she's eager to hear from you.