Revolution disguised as gardening

Two permaculture teachers, enthusiastic about Grow Heathrow, gave a free three day course there earlier this week. It was attended by over 20 people including local residents and supporters from further afield. Proving the maxim that resistance is fertile, some of the attendees are planning to start an eco-village land squat in West London later this month, armed with knowledge from their visit.

Permaculture is a set of approaches to help us create a permanent culture - on which land and food systems sustain life rather than being ravaged in the persuit of profit, and in which there is no space for aviation. It's about working with natural systems rather than against them, both in our relationships with soil and plants, but also with each other, with social and political systems. It's revolution disguised as gardening.

For more information about permaculture, check out the Permaculture Association.