Just Do It - Coming to cinemas near you

On Friday 15th July, after 2 years of editing, crowd funding, tweaking and general hype - Just Do It the film will be coming to cinemas near you.

Following the more shady side of climate activism which has never been shown on camera before - the film follows climate activists on their mission to make sure the issue of climate change gets the full attention it deserves. The film is all about action rather than words. Where politicians speak and nothing happens - Just Do It showcases those individuals who put there bodies on the line and face arrest to ensure action happens.

Plane Stupid features amongst the likes of Climate Camp and Climate Rush in a film which tells the story of the build up to COP15 in December 2009 and where this left us afterwards. Direct action is all about taking matters into your own hands and this ethic comes through in the production of the film too. Where film companies rely on big budgets - Just Do It has been made on a shoe string and has only been made possible by generous hours given volunteering and generous donations from different supporters.

We've seen the film and think it's great. Please find out where its showing near you and get down to watch it. It will be well worth your time!