Dave: It’s the Vulcan – or everything else

It is quite clear that the messages from Plane Stupid and the growing climate movement are starting to permeate the Westminster village.

Just two years ago, who ever talked about aviation and global warming? Now - it’s not only at the frontline of the environmental debate; it’s even at the forefront of parliamentary politics.

No shit, the climate matters

Say what you like about the aviation industry, it's never short of a good junket. Seems like every week a new bunch of businessmen crawl out of the woodwork pleading that aviation is being unfairly demonised for pumping tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The latest lobbyists to be paid lots and lots of money to persuade you that flying is super are Flying Matters, who claim that "Flying is no longer a luxury reserved for a privileged elite", because 50% of people flew at least once last year.

What they decline to mention is that the Mori Poll they're quoting, entitled Climate Change and Taxing Air Travel, shows a widespread support for reducing aviation growth.

Aviation growth = more emissions


Barely a week goes by without an overpaid executive from some beleagured corner of the aviation industry getting confused about industry growth, efficiency and emissions.

This week it's the turn of World Travel and Tourism Council president Jean-Claude Baumgarten, who urged immediate action on congestion at the UK's airports, saying that the UK needed “to get its act together."

How green is Brown?

Zac Goldsmith and John Gummer's Quality of Life Commission will publish its recommendations this week. I understand that among the proposals will be a call for a moratorium on airport expansion – certainly in the South-east – and a re-evaluation of the roads enlargement programme.

Given that road transport already accounts for about a quarter of Britain's carbon footprint and that aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, these are sensible ideas. But while all the talk will be about whether or not David Cameron will take their thorough work on board, the real question is – will Brown?

BAA injunction over!

At 00:01 Saturday morning, the BAA injunction passed away in its sleep.

Plane Stupid would like to say just one thing:

Thanks for the free publicity!

BAA gets new head honcho


Great news for playground loner BAA! After hemorrhaging staff like it's going out of style, they finally found one fool crazy enough to work for them.

Step forward Sir Nigel Rudd, a 'serial non-executive director' whose illustrious career includes helping arms dealers BAE systems flog their weapons to anyone who'll take them.

Well at least he'll be used to the occasional protest...