Plane Stupid responds to Heathrow decision - 15th January 2009

In response to the announcement on Heathrow's third runway, Leila Deen from climate action group Plane Stupid said,

"Finally the illusion of democracy is over. Despite all the objections, all the arguments and all the science, the government is determined to support the aviation industry over the future of life on earth. We say - bring it on!"

She adds:

"We are as confident as ever that the runway won't be built. Their efforts won't start for years. Through direct action, people will retain the power to stop the runway long after Gordon Brown's brief moment of power expires. This decision is an insult to younger generations and we will respond to it as such."

In response to the green 'sweetners' that the government announced at lunchtime, she said,

"Gordon Brown is no Mary Poppins. No amount of sugar will help this medicine go down. Calling Heathrow 'green' is like calling a 4x4 a green vehicle because it has a cycle rack. This is is greenwash and we won't swallow it. This runway will not be built. We will stop it."

"Its convenient that the government has set a deadline on the aviation industry to reduce its emissions to a time when they will all be dead. Its our generation will pay the price for this nonsense, we cannot let it happen."

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