Plane Stupid Scotland occupy roof of Scottish Parliament

PS Scotland Holyrood 1

Two environmental activists from the climate action group, Plane Stupid Scotland, have climbed onto the roof of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to protest against plans for expansion of Scottish airports.

Adam Weymouth, 23 and Matilda Gissord, 23, got on to the roof of the Parliament at about 9am this morning and unfurled a large banner which carries a parody of the Trainspotting design, "Choose Life." The banner reads, "Plane Stopping: Choose the future. Say no to airport expansion."

From the roof of the parliament, Adam Weymouth, said:

"We are facing a runaway climate threat but the Scottish government's reaction is to triple air traffic and expand Glasgow and Ediburgh airports whilst conveniently excluding aviation from the Scottish Climate Bill. The climate scientists have made it clear - we have to stop airport expansion. That's why we've taken it to the top."

Photos by Alice Myers.