Climate activists mark 10 years of Blair

Green activists today marked the tenth anniversary of Tony Blair coming to power by visiting his best friends in industry to highlight the revolving door between Labour and the aviation industry and his failure to tackle climate change. A team of protestors from climate action group, Plane Stupid, are blocking the ‘revolving door’ to BAA’s Heathrow HQ to oppose government and industry plans for airport expansion.

The activists have chained up the front doors to the offices and have dumped copies of the science of climate change, reports from the UN and from the Tyndall Centre, into the reception area. The activists have pledged not to allow the staff out until they’ve read the science. Other campaigners have unfurled a banner outside the building stating, “Read the science @”

Campaigner for Plane Stupid, Leo Murray, explained:

In years to come, Blair will be remembered for systematically approving climate-wrecking projects like airport expansion. But it might not have happened if it weren’t for the fact that the revolving door between Labour and BAA just hasn’t stopped spinning.

He added:

We can’t believe that if BAA had read the science, they’d still be pushing ahead with their climate-crazy plans for airport expansion. With Blair preparing to leave office, UN climate scientists gathering in Bangkok, and the hottest April on record, it’s time BAA used their enormous influence to tell Blair to ditch expansion plans or leave with a legacy of failing on climate change.

This Friday’s IPCC report on mitigation of climate emissions, a draft copy of which has been obtained by Plane Stupid, confirms, “Land use planning and transport demand management can make a significant contribution.