Solidarity messages with Plane Stupid and the #Heathrow13

On Monday the 18th, 13 Plane Stupid activists stand trial in Wilsden Magistrates Court for occupying the Northern Runway at Heathrow in July 2015. All 13 have pleaded not guilty to the charges of aggravated trespass and being in a restricted zone. Their defence is based on necessity, that their actions were reasonable and justified in the face of climate chaos, which causes death and serious injury. Full details of the trial can be found here. Ultimately, climate defence is not an offence! 

Responding to our call out, groups from around the UK and the world have been sending solidarity messages and pictures to show their support. Here is a selection of what we've received so far: 

Official support from the Green party via Twitter

International support from the Northern Forest Defence in Turkey, who are fighting a 3rd Airport in Istanbul, which would devastate remaining forests.

More international solidarity from France, where the fantastic ZAD (Zones to Defend) movement have been fighting various forms of destructive industry for years. Most notably, the ZAD in Notre Dame des Landes is the largest land occupation in Europe, a giant cousin to the UK's Grow Heathrow. Together we say 'No airport expansion anywhere!'

From the UK there has been solidarity between different but connected struggles, including the Combe Haven Defenders who are fighting road expansions. No new runways, no new roads!

Also from the UK, a number of groups heading to the #J16 day of action against fracking in Upton also sent messages and images of solidarity.

Greenpeace's local group in Oxford call for the #Heathrow13 to be acquited - we agree!

Our hilarious comrouges Actually Stop the War sent this message:

'Actually Stop The War extends our boundless solidarity with the defendants and encourages anyone within reach to attend the rally outside Willesden Magistrates’ Court on Monday morning, called by Reclaim The Power.'

No War, No Warming!

Amazingly we got two solidarity messages in KNITTED FORM! A beautiful show of solidarity and creativity

This one from Ireland also linked war with aviation:

 'Ireland is complicit in war as it allows US military aircraft the use of Shannon Airport for overs and refueling'

No to War and No to Global Warming!


And this one comes all the way from Aotearoa (New Zealand) calls for #ClimateActionNow

The Eroles Project, which combines art and activism, sends love and support from Spain.

Solidarity from Edible Landscapes London - aviation is the problem, growing our own food is a solution!

On top of all this there's been loads and loads of messages via Twitter and facebook. Here's a selection:

Thank you to everyone who has shown support and solidarity! We are really grateful!

Keep the messages of support coming and solidarity to you all!