Climate Camp takes action against dirty oil sponsors

Last Wednesday night, I was one of 100 people who swooped (swept?) onto the site of this year's Camp for Climate Action. It's a stone throw away from the Royal Bank of Scotland's Headquarters at their Gogarburn site, just outside Edinburgh.

Initially I was doubtful of the over-ambitious plans to camp so close to this year's target but 24 hours later I was proven wrong. By camping on the grounds of the headquarters the camp has become a piece of direct action in itself. Everyday the big bosses who are responsible for the massive climate wrecking plans that RBS have funded can see out of their shiny windows camp life in process.

So far the policing has been very relaxed with them even allowing 150 activists to take a tour round the building on Friday lunchtime. Speeches, music and lots of dancing was the theme of the day however one activist did manage to get through and super glue herself to the front desk.

This is just the beginning as today at least 500 climate campers have vowed to shut the place down. And they deserve it!

We, the people, own 83% of RBS and they are using our money to fund dirty coal, oil and gas projects all over the world including some of the most dirtiest projects such as the tar sands in Canada.

You can check out updates from the day of action at the Camp for Climate Action's website, and on the Grauniad's livefeed.