Nigel Lawson is an arse

Last Friday, a High Court judge ruled that expanding Heathrow was untenable in law or common sense, partly because it clashed with the Climate Change Act 2008. Residents living in the shadow of the third runway cautiously began thinking the best. But one man knew better. That man was Lord Nigel Lawson of Blaby... and that man is an arse.

Lawson - whose contribution to the climate change debate was to publish a really crap book and start a denialist organisation hell-bent on dissing UEA's research facility - spent the weekend swotting up (and, by the looks of the above photo, enjoying a rather fine glass of sherry or two) in advance of a debate in the House of Lords. Lord Adonis, who needs to show some backbone, given that everyone knows he hates the runway but has been ordered to build it, was answering questions about transport.

Enter Lord Lawson. "The third runway at Heathrow," he reminded his fellow members of the aristocracy, "has been kiboshed by the courts as the direct and predictable result of the Government's absurd Climate Change Act, which was passed with enthusiasm and complete thoughtlessness and acclaimed by all parties in this House and the Commons. Is not the only possible solution - if you think that a third runway is important and I agree with you - to put the Act in suspense?"

That's right. The runway interferes with a law designed to prevent the worst of climate change... so we should... scrap the law? Lawson, you're an arse.