Redbridge versus Newham: round 1


Time to pop the champers, don your dancing shoes and skip around the room like a loon. Fair enough they may not seem like the most likely candidates for us to be praising, but Redbridge Council have just done something utterly wonderful, and Newham and their City Airport fat cat buddies ain't gonna be best pleased.

Last Thursday, Redbridge Council unanimously agreed to oppose "further expansion or changes to flightpaths or the mode of operation of airports...which would result in an increase in aircraft noise suffered by the residents of this borough". That means you, City Airport!

However, Redbridge's good deeds don't cease there. Not only did they oppose any airport expansion which would affect their borough, they emphasised that airport expansion should not be permitted anywhere on local noise and pollution but also climate change grounds. It turns out that Newham (surprise surprise) didn't bother to ask Redbridge what they thought about the prospect of deafeningly loud flightpaths being redirected over their heads. They're pissed off about that too.

This won't be the first time that Newham forgot to consult, well, anyone except themselves. Fight the Flights is taking Newham to court on the grounds giving City Airport permission to expand goes against government policy on climate change (even if the government seems to have forgotten any such policy exists), and that Newham failed to consult local residents. And of course we're continued to hound City Airport like the relentless activists that we are. Newham must be quaking in their carbon crammed boots.