Flash mob! Ahh! Saviour of the universe!

Flash Gordon

There's something about big infrastructure projects that get people all excitied. Personally I look at a new bridge, road or building and think "that could have been a playing field". But the recent hubub over Terminal 5 must take the biscuit, with correspondents lined up around the block to compare tales of airports they've visited on their travels. Honestly, you'd think there was a prize for passing through the most departure lounges!

The airport opens to the public this Thursday, so if you've nothing to do (or feel like taking a sickie) come to the T5 Flash Mob. Get a 'stop airport expansion' t-shirt by emailing stopairportexpansion@gmail.com or calling 0845 458 2564; when the clock strikes 11am, whip your jacket off and let everyone know you what you think. Wearing a t-shirt in public isn't a crime - it's about the only thing you can do in the Terminal that's not illegal!

11am, Thursday 27th March. International Arrivals (Ground Level), Heathrow Terminal 5.