What planet is Walsh on?

Metal Earth

It's Sunday, and I'm feeling generous. So let's take a moment to consider the plight of BA boss-man Willie Walsh. British Airways used to be a national institution: the airline into whose arms we collapsed after a week of dealing with our inability to speak other languages. Now it's associated with losing your luggage, strikes, crash landings, lying about climate change and blackmailing pensioners.

Walsh's latest misguided scheme is to persuade local councils to support expansion. Local papers around the airport picked up a BA press release, which urged councils to back the third runway. The same councils which formed the 2M group to oppose expansion. The phrase "coals to Newcastle" springs to mind...

Imagine you're a local councilor whose constituents are complaining about aircraft noise. You pick up the West Drayton Gazette, and read an article calling on you to support the third runway. In it, Walsh talks about all the lovely minimum wage jobs he'll create, and claims that "Local people know that the benefits of Heathrow outweigh the disadvantages". You look at the stack of letters from residents pissed off about night flights, traffic growth, rising asthma levels and the constant roar of turbines overhead.

What's the likelihood of Willie getting your support?