Greenpeace campaigners climb on top of Heathrow flight

Greenpeace @ Heathrow 2

Truly awesome: four Greenpeace climate campaigners have just climbed on top of a Manchester to London plane after it parked at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal One. They are now covering the tailfin with a huge protest banner that reads "CLIMATE EMERGENCY – NO 3rd RUNWAY".

The Greenpeace volunteers – two women and two men – waited until all the passengers had disembarked from the one hour flight before walking through double doors at Terminal One, crossing an area of tarmac and climbing stairs onto the fuselage of the British Airways flight.

Today’s Greenpeace action is truly an inspiration to the movement. The bastards have well and truly raised the bar now. If this keeps up, there's no way this runway will be built. Much love from Plane Stupid!