Ryanair - yawn - naughty website hijinks


Ryanair V sign

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for a story about Ryanair. Today's thrilling tale involves Ryanair and the Office of Fair Trading, who have demanded they take their website down and remove misleading prices from it.

Of course, Ryanair don't see it that way. A spokesman told the Times: "Our software was designed to cope with 50 million passengers a year and we have reached that, so we are introducing a new site capable of handling more." Not so, says the OFT. "They were given until the end of February to make the changes and they are now shutting down to make sure they comply."

I suppose it must be fun to work in Ryanair's PR department. It's got to be one of the last jobs where you get to tell blatant fibs for a living. Oh well, perhaps the £20 million in lost sales will make up for it.