February rally - two fingers to the consultation


Over the past few months, John Stewart has been touring London and the South-East, building opposition to the third runway. Not that it took much building. From Richmond to Higbury, Ealing to Putney, London's residents are united. We may not all want the same person to be Mayor, but we want one thing: no expansion at Heathrow.

The 'No Third Runway 2008' tour culminates in a night that's not to be missed: a rally at Central Hall, Westminster. Speakers include John McDonnell MP and many others (including someone from Plane Stupid) - but who speaks is not as important as you attending. It's the last chance to stick two fingers up to Brown and BAA and to tell them to stuff their runway.

Monday the 25th of February, 7pm. Attend or be warned: if I hear that you chose to stay in and watch Eastenders, look out!