Third runway not enough says BAA

Runway 4

Anyone who thought BAA understood 'sustainable aviation' should think again. Under interview by the London Assembly's Environmental Committee, chief exec Stephen Nelson refused to rule out a fourth runway, saying that claiming the third runway was the end of expansion would make him a "hostage to fortune".

BAA has repeatedly promised that each round of expansion would be the last. In 1995, according to the Times, BAA stated in its official newsletter: "BAA has said repeatedly that Terminal 5 will not lead to a third runway. BAA has said repeatedly THERE WILL NOT BE A THIRD RUNWAY. And BAA has been proved right. The Secretary of State has accepted the BAA view. The issue has been settled; people’s concerns have been met. What now of those who claimed BAA was not telling the truth?"

What now indeed. Apparently the areas currently up for consideration for runway four are north of the airport alongside the M4 or to the south, wiping out the villages of Bedfont and Stanwell. Needless to say, both options would require the demolition of thousands of homes. Hardly likely to engender more support for their latest plan, is it?