Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


Hundreds of homes will be destroyed, noise levels will increase and the oldest community in the UK could be wiped out if plans to expand Lydd airport get the go-ahead. Sound familiar? Well this time, it's not just people who'll be affected - it's birds!

Over 60 species have been sighted at Dungeness nature reserve, the oldest RSPB reserve in the country, which is under threat from the airport owner's plans to increase commercial capacity from 5,000 to half a million passengers per year.

Locals have been fighting the plan for some time now, but their campaign has seen a recent uspwell in numbers. The reason? Airport managers have been flying commercial-sized jumbos into the airport to show them how quiet and peaceful it will be under their ridiculous plans. Looks like that backfired.

Reports that the birds have enlisted Plane Stupid activists to train them in direct action techniques are, as yet, unconfirmed...